Our Programme

Ganenu Preschool is an exciting, new approach to Jewish early child development (14 months-4 years) open year round.

Ganenu means “our garden”, as our proprietary curriculum creates a fertile environment that accelerates your child’s love of Judaism, love of Israel, mental and physical growth, Jewish values, connection to others, and will start children off with a strong and loving foundation.

Why Choose Ganenu?

Committed Loving Staff

Bilingual Education: Hebrew/English

Open Year Round

Reggio & Montessori inspired
Jewish Curriculum

Inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces

Kosher Meals

Expert Says

    Education means teaching a child to be curious, to wonder, to reflect, to enquire. The child who asks becomes a partner in the learning process, an active recipient. To ask is to grow.

    Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

    Play is the work of the child.

    Maria Montessori

    The principal goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.

    Jean Piaget

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    Ganenu Preschool
    This project has been made possible by the generosity of the Jewish Community of Singapore.
    Thank you to TRUST- Jewish Welfare Board