Our proprietary curriculum focuses on Five Pillars that will bolster a child’s lifelong appreciation for learning, our Jewish heritage, and their connection with the world around them. That will propel them to being their most skilled, confident, resilient and compassionate selves. At Ganenu Preschool, we focus on:

Our 5 Pillars


Core Curriculum

Our goal is to establish a love of learning, sustained attention, orientation to goals, & independent thinking. Our play-based, hands-on activities will not only prepare our children for easy transition to school, but also accelerate their growth into productive, compassionate and resilient adults.

We do this through:

  • Focus of daily exercises recommended by occupational, play and art therapists.
  • Reggio Inspired Play invitations & Montessori tray activities.

We balance mental/skill development and goal attainment with the most important human attribute of all, character.

Our Jewish values drive the curriculum, environment and school culture, and that enables us to set critical examples to our kids of how their actions affect others, their families, the community, and the world.

We do this through:

  • Modeling and encouraging empathy, kindness, self-management, self-respect, compassion, confidence, self control, perseverance, grit and even delayed gratification.
  • Our environment and carefully selected activities which focus on developing Jewish hearts to elevate every person & activity they engage with.

We are a preschool for everyone who has jewish roots.
We proudly tap into Jewish spirituality, ethics, values, identity and history to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to his/her Jewish identity.

We do this through:

  • Celebrating Shabbat, Jewish holidays, Israel, and the full breadth of Jewish heritage.
  • Exploring the weekly Parshas through fun and engaging activities.

At this young age, we understand how critical it is to establish the notion of physicality, exercise, movement and other healthy habits that will forever balance their productive lives.
That’s why we utilize proven, specialized programs that focus on breath-work, yoga, stretching, strength, balance and coordination.

We do this through:

  • Daily gross motor skill development in our indoor gym and outdoor playgrounds.
  • Focus on movement throughout the day in our transitions and ‘brain break’ movement activities.

Most important, Ganenu Preschool is fun and nurturing, and your child will LOVE coming to school.
From play-based learning, to our energetic and encouraging staff, our Preschool will establish that learning is fun, and bolster your child’s lifetime hunger for education.

We do this through:

  • Celebrating Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, to fun field trips, and Splash Fridays!
  • Constant art/music/drama/dance expressive activities.

Learning Experiences

Every day is fun-filled with hebrew, art, music, stories, language, Jewish values, movement, and hands-on exploration.

Our learning experiences contribute to developing the whole child by getting them actively engaged, moving, singing, reading, and laughing! Our specialists plan dynamic, age-appropriate lessons each week for all students to enjoy.

  • 1. Little Explorers

    Children have the opportunity to learn through exploration in many areas throughout our curriculum.
    We explore and experiment in our Art Atelier and maker space with process based activities in various mediums. We explore our senses through sensory play- water, sand, and weekly sensory bins set up according to the weekly theme. We explore cooking weekly through our Jr. Chef time and our weekly Challah Bakes.

  • 2. Mindful Masters

    We appreciate nature daily through our nature walks and outdoor play invitations.
    We learn about the Parsha weekly and revisit the ideas and themes through play-based, hands-on activities children can choose from. We focus on regulating our emotions and feelings through our mindful moments where we slow down and refocus through breathing exercises, gratitude practices and yoga moves.

  • 3. Active Players

    Children get to develop their gross motor, balance, movement and coordination skills through lots of time spent in our indoor and outdoor gyms where obstacle courses are set up to challenge them daily.
    Children explore and discover their world through our drama activities. They are given a lot of free time in our dramatic play areas where items are changed and rotated according to the themes explored. Children enjoy music and movement experiences daily which helps them to develop both sides of the brain (an important finding in recent brain research) and contributes to their social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development.